Dr. Eunice Anigbogu

Dr. Eunice Anigbogu

Dr. Anigbogu is an experienced General Practice physician and specialist in all matters of Child Health medicine with the St. Ives Healthcare Organization.

She is a graduate of Medicine from the Enugu State University of Science and Technology. She also has a PHD in Pediatrics Nutrition.


Eunice is not a practicing physician by accident: those who know her will tell that she naturally loves helping those who are ill. Hence, she revealed that her motivation is seeing her patients healed, get well and happy, especially children who naturally require special care.


Dr. Anigbogu is particularly impressed by the professionalism at St. Ives, the friendliness and relationship among staff and patients, as well as the unique ambient environment in all St. Ives hospitals.

Eunice is a very active woman as she always seeks to fill her time with activities that develop her body and mind: in her spare time, she loves to read, swim, and play tennis. Though she loves classic music, her favorite artist is the late soul singer: Whitney Houston.

departments: Child Health, General Practice, Medical Personnel
positions: Family Health Physician at St. Ives
degree: M.D. PHD Pediatrics Nutrition
workingdays: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday