Conceive in safe hands

Conceive in Safe Hands

Infertility affects millions of couples leading to untold frustrations and misery. In Nigeria, about 25% of couples in their fertile age group are sufferers and the incidence is on the increase.
At St. Ives Fertility, we are committed to the fight against infertility, and we pride ourselves in our success and specialties. Our adoption of a success-oriented approach towards infertility treatments, which focuses on solutions has helped us in identifying cost as one major factor militating against stemming the rising incidences of infertility in Nigeria.
To this end, we have institutionalized a periodic IVF promo via our partnership with Ives Medicare Foundation, which seeks to make IVF treatments accessible and relatively affordable to couples at regular intervals.
In addition, our candidates get the best of care, guidance, and management from our reliable team of gynecology and fertility specialists, which ensures you not only conceive in safe hands, but you also deliver safe and sound.
Come to us today and let us play a role in getting you your heart’s desire. You can reach in any of the following ways:
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