Donor Egg and Donor Embryo Program

Sometimes the chances of getting pregnant naturally for some women is no longer a possibility, due to one or a combination of natural or medical conditions. Our fertility operation offers an Egg/Embryo donation program that delivers more than hope to such women but gives them joy to hold and to cherish.
At St. Ives, we painstakingly leave no stones unturned in ensuring every aspect is done to the letter. From carefully conducting the selection process following requisite criteria, and properly counselling both donor and recipient parties on all moral, psychological and legal implications, to performing thorough screening exercises to identify potential red flags.
Candidates for Egg/Embryo Donor Program
-Women who were born without functioning ovaries (i.e. Turner’s syndrome).
-Women who have their ovaries removed as part of a treatment for  cancer, pelvic infections
or endometriosis.
-Women whose ovaries are damaged as a consequence of radiotherapy  and/or chemotherapy.
-Women with recurrent IVF failures that is linked to poor egg quality.
-Women with recurrent pregnancy losses due to chromosomal abnormalities.
-Women whose normal eggs have failed to fertilize repeatedly.
-Women who have a uterus but whose ovaries do not produce eggs due to premature menopause (usually
before the age of 40).
-Women whose ovaries are resistant to stimulation by fertility drugs.
Our egg/embryo donation programis both extensive and effective. If you wish to know more or you feel it might provide succor for you in your search for the fruit of the womb, do get in touch with us and we will be delighted to start you on a journey to new bouncing possibilities.