Endoscopy Surgery


Endoscopy surgeries are “minimally invasive” surgeries deployed to see inside the human body in order to examine a hollow organ or cavity; and sometimes, these are the appropriate interventions required in diagnosing and treatment of infertility challenges in women, especially the two endoscopy techniques used are called hysteroscopy and laparoscopy.
Hysteroscopy involves passing of a telescope through the vagina and cervix into the uterine cavity so as to assess the conditions of the inside of the uterus. This procedure is effective for the removal of fibroids, polyps and breakdown of uterine adhesions i.e. Asherman’s syndrome.
In Laparoscopy however, the telescope is passed through a tiny incision just below the navel to assess the pelvic organs. This helps in the diagnosis of the presence or absence of adhesions, endometriosis or other pelvic abnormalities.
Endoscopic surgeries allow for quick recoveries because they are minimally invasive, with significantly reduced probabilities of post-operative complications and infections.
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