Fertility Checks and Assessments

Fertility Checks and Assessment

We practice clinical medicine at St. Ives, thus we do not just throw up possible solutions without identifying problems. We provide thorough fertility assessment checks for both men and women as the starting process in our fertility treatment operations.
Our assessments procedures are conducted under the most discreet and professional conditions to help us identify the best and easiest way forward in your quest for having your own babies. It is better when couples know what really the problem is.
We are open minded and thorough yet not obsessive over endless tests and assessments that drain our patients both emotionally and financially. This way, we adopt an efficient process that helps identify possible problems as quickest as possible, thus allowing us focus on getting you your heart’s desire, by matching you with the best options regarding your circumstances.
Do get in touch with us today for our fertility specialists to start you on an effective assessment process.