Philosophy of care

Philosophy of Care


St Ives IVF & Fertility Unit adopts a success-oriented approach towards infertility.


  • We are focused on solutions:

Couples that come to infertility doctors for help want to have babies, not extended investigations and tests and having to wait too long in achieving their objective.


  • We are decisively result-oriented:

We do not waste time, money and effort by concentrating on a long list of useless and fanciful tests and investigations that do not affect the treatment or the outcome of the IVF procedures. It is bad enough struggling to conceive, but going through tests that add no value to the outcome of the procedure drains the couples emotionally and financially.


  • Safe, simple, and effective procedure:

At St Ives, IVF & Fertility Unit, we focus on IVF treatment protocols that are easy, simple, safe, less stressful and guaranteed to produce a high pregnancy rate because we are confident of the fact that IVF technology is better at solving infertility problems rather than a long list of unnecessary diagnostic tests.