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4-Point Guarantee

4-Point Guarantee

At St. Ives Pharmacy, we believe in the sanctity of life, professionalism and excellence. Hence, we uphold the highest professional standards and stock only the best of pharmaceuticals to support our commitment to total healthcare.

In testament of this, we offer the following 4-point guarantee to every customer and on every medication in our stores.

We only sell Genuine products:

We assure you that all drugs and medications in all our stores are authentic products from the leading and trusted pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

All our products are duly Approved:

Following from the point above, all medications sold from our stores are prepared, made, and packaged from components, ingredients, as well as processes, tested and approved by various relevant medical bodies in the world.

Registered with NAFDAC

All products of all kind are duly registered with the Nigerian regulatory authority, NAFDAC.

We only sell if Prescribed

We understand the delicate role drugs can play in our lives and we recognize the thin line between drug use and abuse; thus, we only entertain sale requests that is backed by prescriptions from the relevant medical personnel.