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Comprehensive Health Checks

Comprehensive Health Checks

 We have a proprietary St. Ives Health Screening Program (SIHSP) is an assortment of essential medical assessment programs that leave no stones unturned in our commitment to helping our patients (corporate and individual) go after their life goals at home or at work with unwavering peace of mind and absolutely no worries.

 Our health checks incorporate tests that provide you with an in-depth profile of your health and wellbeing, comprising of Personal Health Measurements, Iron status, Diabetes check, Cardiovascular profile and Cardiac plus check, hematology profile (i.e. full blood profile), thyroid function test, liver function test pancreatic function test.

These health checks include the following:

  • Pre-Employment Medical Examination
  • Domestic Staff Screening
  • Food Handlers Test
  • Comprehensive Male Health Checks
  • Comprehensive Female Health Checks
  • Pre-Nuptial Health Checks
  • Executive Health Checks
  • Fertility