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Children, whether newborns, infants or adolescents, are most times difficult to understand; therefore, their healthcare conditions and needs are different from that of adults. Theirs, are delicate circumstances that require the interventions of skilled specialists.


St. Ives boasts some of the best child health specialists proficient in the effective management of children’s health and wellbeing, and abreast of modern techniques in the highly specialized practice.


Our pediatrics services start with understanding: hence, are delivered in child-friendly atmosphere conducive to the peculiar whims of the kids in order to put them in their most natural environment and encourage them to thrive in good health of body and mind.


St. Ives Child Health offerings are available to both children delivered in our hospitals or those from others. Kindly reach us today via any of our channels to book an appointment with any of our specialists and start the process to getting your child the best healthcare he or she deserves.